Frequently Asked Questions


What is this website?

Hosted by the United Nations Foundation and Devex, the “Making the Millennium Development Goals Happen” platform aims to promote a global conversation among development professionals like you to discuss success stories and challenges in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


How does this global dialogue work?

Devex will roll out conversations on each MDG over the next six months. Each goal will be featured for three (3) weeks. You may join the discussion by placing your comments each time a goal is launched.

Can I leave a comment on a previous topic after a new topic has been launched?

Yes. Please do.

Do I need to use English when submitting a comment?

Not necessarily. We accept comments in any language.


Why do you need my email address when posting a comment?

Devex takes our members’ and users’ privacy very seriously. In order to protect against spam, we require every commentator to submit his/her email address. Rest assured that your email address will remain confidential and never be publicly posted, sold, added to a mailing list or redistributed>.

What happens if someone leaves an inappropriate comment?

Devex is constantly monitoring this website. If you feel a comment is inappropriate, obscene or is spam, please alert us by sending an email to with the subject line: ‘Inappropriate Comment’.

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